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How AZGAD Website Security Works

In our service plans, we monitor your website Regularly. Based on your subscription plan, AZGAD scans your website at specific intervals against any virus, malware, adware, or backdoors and as soon as our system detects them, it will be removed from your website and if it cannot be removed automatically, admins will be notified and we remove them manually.

We also check all websites manually against new threats and neutralize any threats. Our "Manual Malware Removal" service is the safest and fastest way to keep your website free from malware.

If you have a dedicated server, we can protect it too. We will configure and set the required security policies on your server's firewall and then start monitoring your server. We also provide Security Support for WHM and cPanel

Website Security and Cybersecurity Services

Manual Virus and Malware Removal Service

Not all fully automated scanners can identify new malwares and threats. We also check your codes manually to find/identify new threats and malwares and remove them from your codes and pages


Getting a High SEO rank is not easy at all, but losing it because of a small piece of malware code is very easy!

AZGAD Solutions

Cyber Security Solution for Small Businesses

Never say: "I don't have anything important or valuable on my website." In the worst case, you have web hosting, a valuable domain name, a mail server that can be abused to backlink for other websites, or sends spam or becomes a backdoor to another website or distributes adware, malwares, viruses, ...!

Don't underestimate the importance of website security and cybersecurity in your business, no matter it is big or small!



Internet Security for Users

Internet Security for Users eBook

In this eBook, you will learn how to set up the security settings of your accounts, what to post and what not to post in order to protect yourself.

You will also learn about Social Media Behavior, Passwords, Password Managers, Security Tools and Anti-Viruses, Antivirus Programs, VPN, Privacy on Social Media, Tracking, Scams

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