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Your Cyber security Solution from A-Z

Azgad cybersecurity Features

All features that you need to have a clean website

Virus Scanning

All our plans, all scripts on a Web site automatically scans every 6 to 24 hours each day for viruses and remove them for you. This option will help you keep your SEO rank, but also hampers get blacklisted

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Backdoor Scanning

Do not let your web site or a web browser of your visitors will be used to break into other websites or computers. We scan your website from malicious code, and after their discovery, we remove them from the code.

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Blacklist recovery

Distributing viruses and malicious software, search engines add your website name in their black list, and every time someone wants to access the website, they show a message that your site is blacklisted, and do not trust. We will delete your site from the black list Google as a dangerous site

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AdWare Scanning

Sometimes hackers injected Adwares on their pages, create unwanted backlinks or display ads on your site without your permission Deleting unnecessary and illegal backlinks and advertising banners ads from your site

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Hack Recovery

Recovering your website in case it has been hacked and/or the home page has been de-faced. Since we remove the hackers codes on time, you will not get penalty and will not lose your SEO ranking.

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Backup files

Weekly backups of files.

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Subscription PLans



Ideal for start-up companies. It is economical and provides the necessary functions for any business start-up



Ideal for small businesses. every 8 hours and purification scanning malware. Recovery Hack included.



Ideal for e-commerce websites as well as web sites that are updated regularly and. every 4 chasa scanning and cleaning malware. Recovery Hack included.


Azgad, cybersecurity is a service ARANET LLC. Our main goal is to help the owners of the web - sites have clean and secure web - site and reduce their vulnerability to cyber security threats.