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Importance of Website Security

Importance of Website Security


Why Many People Don’t Care About The Security Of Their Website?

- Website security is very important and critical, but I don’t have anything important or valuable on my website.

- Why should I care about website security? This is something for big companies, not me…

- If my website gets hacked, I simply upload my files again and I am fine.


Just think about it…
Do you agree with such a response?


First, how can you know that your website has been hacked or not? When a hacker hacks a website, he does not make any visible changes in the pages. This way, he can steal information for a long time without you noticing….
And, re-uploading files does not solve the problem. Hackers hide their code somewhere and it is not easy to find them.

Such kind of reply, arises from the lack of awareness about the importance of cybersecurity, no matter a single-page website, or a corporate, or a huge online store.

Even if you have a web hosting service, with a single web page, you still have many valuable things, that most hackers need.
A free hosting service, suitable for hosting and distributing malwares, or attacking another website, an email server, suitable for sending spams, ….

And, you pay for all these, and you let them use it for free

Next time when you wanted to say you don’t have anything valuable and for this reason and it is not important for you, please think about these first…

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