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Website Malware Scanning and Cleanup

Malware Scanning and Cleaning


How AZGAD Security Handles Malwares?

Website Malware Scanning and Cleanup is included in all AZGAD Security plans. Azgad Security Scanner will check your website and all code files and when it detects any known malware, it delete them. If the system detects a code that is suspicious, it will alerts admins and then, we manually check the codes. If it was a malware we will manually delete them and if not, we will add it to our safe list to prevent future false-positive alerts.


What is Malware?

Any code that tries to distribute virus, create a backdoor to another website or another computer, steal information or change normal behavior activity of a website is called malware. Malwares may infect your computer by a virus, steal information from your website or your computer, show unwanted advertisements, or install unwanted trial programs.



Backdoor is a Trojan script designed to allow hacker remotely manipulate affected systems. Like all Trojans, backdoors do not automatically propagate. They are either installed inadvertently by unsuspecting users or intentionally by malicious users. When a hacker hack a website account and take its control, he can install the backdoor script on any of the pages of your website. Then, when a visitor opens the page, a malicous code copies the backdoor script to your computer and informs the hacker. Now hacker can access to your computer whenever he wants and steal your files and information (sometimes private or critical data) from your computer.

Backdoors, like other Trojans, typically modify system settings to automatically start. Users may need to terminate backdoors before they can be deleted. Also, restoring affected systems may require procedures other than scanning with an antivirus program.



Adwares are bothering codes but they usually do not harm your computer. They don't destroy your files or steal information from your computer. They show advertisements. That's why they are called AdWare. Adwares change default home page of your browser and sometimes install another code in your browser so that when you click on a URL or link or enter a URL in the address bar and press ENTER, they open another window or another tab and show an advertisement.



Spywares are another type of malwares. Spywares monitor all your activities and send them to the hacker. The most important things that hackers are interested in are your login credentials of various website, your bank account login, your credit card details. Sometimes they steal private information from victim's computer.




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