Aranet Introduces Azgad Website Security Service For Startup And Small Businesses

ARANET SERVICE: AZGAD Website SecurityAranet has introduced a website security service (AZGAD WEBSITE SECURITY) that can be used by startup and small businesses. One of the challenges for these businesses which are actively working on the internet is security, but most of the website security services do not fit within their budget and this makes their websites the best target for hackers. These will attack their website, distribute viruses and malware or steal their business information.

With the aim of helping this sector of business, ARANET has launched the AZGAD WEBSITE SECURITY service for them. This service scans a website every day and as soon as it detects any virus or malware, the security software quarantines them and removes all traces. This service is based on a subscription, and the subscription determines how often the website is scanned, which can be up to four times per day. For more information, those who are interested can visit

Daryoush Ashtari, founder of ARANET LLC, says: “Small and medium sized businesses are getting a bit of a rough deal. They have very tight budgets yet find themselves at greater risk of cyber attacks than the bigger businesses. We want to make sure that they have the opportunity to remain protected and we believe our Azgad Website Security package is able to do that for them. We’re happy to see so many businesses are already noticing the benefits.”



ARANET LLC was founded in March 2010 in Yerevan, Armenia by Daryoush Ashtari. The business is an IT company that provides necessary online services that are needed by businesses worldwide. This includes such services as website development, website security, marketing, market research, and business directories.

Their service has received numerous positive reviews from their many customers. “I have worked with Aranet for some time now and have been happy with everything they have done for me,” says one of the customers. “I initially asked them to develop my website, which they did incredibly well. I love that they are constantly coming up with new and innovative products that help me to keep my website safe, secure and relevant to my audience. Their service is fantastic, and their prices are really affordable. Well done Aranet, I recommend you to all small businesses.”

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