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Introducing Azgad Website Security - Cybersecurity Service

Introducing Azgad Website Security - Cybersecurity Service

One of the challenges of all website owners is the safety, security, and uptime of their website. But what happens if you ignore cybersecurity and your site spreads malware opens a backdoor to visitor computer and steal their information and send to an unknown location or use your own website as a backdoor? These issues not only cause visitors and members of your website to lose their trust in you, your website, and your business but also, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo will penalize your website. In this case, your name will not have priority in search result listing and all your SEO efforts are lost in vain. You may say:

- I regularly take a backup from my website and if something happens, I can simply re-upload my back up and everything is fine, but how do you know that your backup files are clean and malware-free? If all problems could be solved easily, Cyber Security was meaningless,


- I don’t have any sensitive information. But what is your definition of sensitive information? If you have a membership website, if you sell any product, if for any reason you collect name and email address or mailing address or … from your visitors or members, you have important, valuable, and critical information on your website hackers are interested in them.

Even if you don’t have any such information on your website, they might use your website to steal information from your visitors or even your own computer.

By introducing Azgad Website Security, we can help you with this.

ARANET LLC. is introducing Azgad Website Security services for your website. We scan and monitor your website regularly and reduce the vulnerabilities of your site as much as possible. When we notice any suspicious activity or your website got hacked or any unwanted code was inserted to your website and its scripts, our system detects and clears them from your website.


How Does it work

NOTE: After subscribing to one of our security services, you must provide full FTP access to your website. Your account will be created and we will install our software for you on your website. You will receive an email containing your credentials, license key, and link to MyPanel.

Our software will initially scan your website and will be added to the scan list. You can check the status of your website by logging in to your account panel.

A manual scan is part of our service because no automated software can 100% find all malwares, especially the newest ones. We do scan all files on your website for any malware because your website might have been infected but the malware has not been activated yet. Our scanner will notify us of any malware (known and unknown) and we immediately take necessary action in order to keep your website clean and safe.

Azgad Website Security Service Availability

We currently offer Azgad service for the following websites:



  • * Unix/Linux/FreeBSD based servers
  • * Apache webserver
  • * MySQL Server
  • * PHP 5.6 and above
  • * SourceGuardian support is necessary


Supported CMS:

  • * any custom PHP coded sites (excluding Zend encrypted websites)
  • * WordPress
  • * Joomla
  • * Magento
  • * PrestaShop


* weekly backup included.

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