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Website Hack Recovery

Website Hack Recovery

website hack recovery


Hack Recovery is part of all plans. If your website gets hacked or defaced, we recover your website and home page.


How Hackers Hack a Website?

There are many ways that hackers hack a website the most common ways are:

1. Bad password. Most website owners use simple passwords to access the control panel or administration area of their website so that they can remember it easily. Always use strong passwords containing uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols.

2. Bad coding. Everyone wants to pay less, but some website owners do not care about quality. They hire inexperienced persons to create their website. The result is a websites full bugs and security holes.

3. Using a FREE and open-source CMS. As their name shows, the source code of these CMSs is available to anyone. Any hacker can download and review the codes and identify vulnerabilities of them and use them to insert his malicious code and hack a website.

4. Not updating the server security updates. If you have a dedicated server, you must log in to the server or WHM and regularly check for the updates for daemons and services and install all security updates. Ignoring these updates will make your server vulnerable to hackers.

5. Incorrect Firewall configuration.

6. From your own computer and internet connection. If you ignore the security of your own computer and do not install a reliable anti-virus and firewall on your computer, hackers can install backdoor scripts on your computer, and by using your own computer and internet connection, hack your website.


What is Deface?

When hackers hack a web site, sometimes after they take what they want, they change the home page of your website. This changing home page is called deface.



- If your website has not been defaced, it doesn't mean that it has not been hacked

- If your website got hacked and hackers defaced your home page, just replacing the hacker home page with your original home page file will not solve the problem. The hacker's code is still somewhere in your website or account must be removed from your site too, otherwise, a hacker can again and easily change your home page and deface your website again and again.

- Downloading the codes and scanning with your desktop antivirus program cannot solve and clear malicious code of hackers. These scripts are written to run on web servers, not desktop computers and Antivirus programs of computers detect malwares and viruses that are coded for desktop computers.




- Virus Scanning & Cleanup
- Malware Scanning & Cleanup
- Backdoor Scanning & Cleanup
- Hack Recovery
- Blacklist Removal
- Intrusion Detection Test