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Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

1) I must provide you with access to my website in order to use your service. How secure is my account on your site?
We do not store access information or important data of our customers on our public web site.

2) Why should I provide you FTP access to my site? Can't you scan and check it differently?
Part of our scan is a manual check to avoid any false positive alerts. Also, New codes and malwares cannot be detected by any anti-virus software. A sample of new code is needed to analyze and neutralize and prepare a cleaner for it.

3) When I go to my site, I get the following message: THE SITE IS BLACKLISTED. How can I get rid of it?
If you are not subscribed to any of our plans, it is time for you to subscribe. We will check your site, remove the malware, and submit it for review and remove your site from the blacklist.

If you subscribe to one of our plans and receive this message, but you see that your site is clean, it means that between the last 2 scans your website was infected with malicious code and we removed it and submitted your website for review to be removed from the blacklist. We regularly check sites and as soon as we receive a blacklist message, we clean it and send a request for its review.

4) My site has been hacked. Help.
There are three ways to hack sites.

  • Through vulnerabilities in scripts:
    If this happens, we will restore your files and delete malicious programs.
  • DNS - Domain Name Service
    If the DNS server that manages your domain is hacked, your site has not actually been hacked. Hacked DNS redirects requests to your site to another website/attack site. In this case, the DNS hosting company must take the necessary action and restore its database.
  • Server
    There are times when your site is actually all right, however, due to the vulnerability of the server on which your website is hosted, the server itself was hacked and hackers damaged your website. If this happens, we will restore your pages, at the same time, the hosting company must take the necessary measures and eliminate the vulnerabilities of the server.

5) What is the process of registering and using your services?
You can subscribe to services through our website or any of our affiliate websites. After you make the payment, we will be notified, create an account for your account by sending access to the information. When you log in to your account, in the “Help” section you will find instructions on how to activate and provide us with the required access to monitor and analyze your website.

6) I have SSL on my site and it is secured. It is enough!
SSL/TLS certificates only encrypt data transfer between your website and the client's browser. It does not protect your website against hackers, viruses, and malware.

7) My website is hosted on Can I use your service?
No. Our service is available for websites hosted on a shared/VPS/Dedicated service with cPanel/WHM/vDeck/Plesk or such website management soft and FTP access to the /public_html or root directory of your domain.

8) My website is WordPress based and I have a security plugin installed. Is Azgad compatible with it or I must uninstall my security plugin?
Yes, you can use your favorite WordPress security plugin too. Azgad software works in the background and does not interfere with any WordPress plugins.