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Blacklist Removal

Blacklist Removal

blacklist250If your website or your IP address gets blacklisted, we will investigate the reason and after the problem is fixed, we will remove your website from the blacklist or provide you required instructions


How Can My Website Be Blacklisted?

There are many ways that your website go to the blacklist. Distributing malware, viruses, sending spam emails are some of the causes.


What Happens If My Domain got Blacklisted?

The most common problems that you will face is that your clients emails are returned back to them and saying your domain is blacklisted. Your emails may also be rejected by some of mail servers and returned back to you. In general, you will have problem on sending emails or receiving emails.


How can I check my website is blacklisted or not?

There are many websites that do this test. We recommend check your website via MXToolBox.


How It Works?

First, we check the reports and scan your website for any virus, malware, backdoor and in general any malicious code. Sometimes, hackers install a code on your website and use it to send spam emails.

After removing the malware code and make sure your website is clean, we will submit a confirmation to the pertinent sites that blocked your website and your website will be removed from blacklist.




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