Best Website Security Services

Best Website Security Services

Let’s face it: Website security is not optional anymore. You need the best website security services like AZGAD Security if you want to keep your website secure. These are the facts:

According to WordPress, approximately 556 million people a year are victims of cyber crime. That equates to 1.5 million per day! Isn’t that amazing?

2009 saw about 81,000 WordPress websites hacked. That is not counting a normal website or other platforms like blogger or Joomla. This number more than doubled in 2012 to 170,000 and in 2014 it grew to 240,000. Like motorcar accidents, it’s just a matter of time before you become part of statistics. It is better to be safe than sorry. But sadly, most people only become aware of the cyber security problem after it happened to them.know if website secure

So what is the answer? Think about it in terms of your property, because your website is your online property. Would you leave your house unlocked? Not in today’s day. Most people have alarms installed and security services monitoring the alarm. This then, is what you need for your online property. Nothing less will do. You need an alarm and a security service monitoring your alarm.

Azgad Security is such an alarm. Not only do they install an alarm, but they act on it immediately. You don’t even hear it, and you certainly won’t even know about it. It just happens.

Sometimes malware gets installed by a hacker on your site without you knowing. What are the consequences of malware on your website? The search engines are the first to know about it, and your rankings drop. Next, your customers get annoying things downloaded on their computers, and they lose trust in you when they find out it’s from your website that they have the malware.  Only when your sales drop will you start wondering what’s going on. And when you find out, it’s too late and you’ve lost your business. This has happened to too many of our clients.

Yes, there are various plugins that will do things like backup your site or alert you whBest Website Security Servicesen a hacker has successfully entered your site. It may even block him for a while. But don’t you think hackers are clever enough to get past a plugin? What happens when you’re not checking your website? Are you on your computer 24/7? What if you are sleeping when the attack happens? What do you do about an attack anyway? Do you know? How do you stop it from happening? How do you know if your website is secure?

Most people are not computer savvy enough to know what to do. This is why I recommend AZGAD Security for your website. You can buy it and relax. It’s all taken care of with the best website security services on the internet today.


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