How do you know if your website is secure

How do you know if your website is secure?

I’ve come across many small business owners who have a website but covered with no security program on their website. It’s like leaving your front door open and provide the thieves an unrestricted access. When I ask them why they don’t secure it their answer is: “Too expensive. Or I don’t have anything important or worth stealing anyway.”

Our question to such business owners is: Why do you have a website? The answer should be that you want to attract customers to you,sell a service or get new clients. Your website is your business’ identity on the internet. People find you, and see what you have to offer. If you are well presented, they usually want to know more.

Know if website secure

What if I tell you that hackers are getting so clever that they found a way to redirect your contacts to your competitor or steal your current client info and sell it? It would be months, even years before you discover it, if you ever discover it. It is what happened to one of our new clients. They complained that they never got any inquiries from their website. We discovered this when we checked the website. Hackers had changed Contact Us page and all contact messages were sent to their competitor. What do you think the monetary loss was to that business?

Another of our new clients had a similar problem. Hackers changed a product link to redirect to the competition’s product link. It was quite a popular product. They were wondering why some of their other products sold but this one never got any sales. When we scanned and checked for the first time, we discovered that the product sale is redirected to another website. What do you think the monetary loss was to that company?

A referred company in Thailand had the list of all clients stolen by hackers which was then sold to their biggest competitor. But they came to us when it was too late. They had to close down their business because they had no more clients – all their clients were stolen.

Your website is valuable. Not only is it your and your business’ online identity, but it has theknow if website secure ability to create contact with new and existing clients. It has ways to pay, which leaves a trail to your customers or clients. If you think that you have nothing worth stealing, think again! How would you feel if you know that your website is redirecting all your inquiries to your competition? That a valuable product or service is being redirected to your competition? That is theft!

How much does a lock and key cost?

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