Do you have a Safe and Secure Website?

Do you have a secure website? Are you sure your website has not been hacked and hackers are not stealing your clients/members data?

If your web site has not been defaced, it does not mean that you have a secure website and it has not been hacked. hackers are interested in:

  • your client’s information, from their name and email address to their credit card and banking details.
  • They may also use your web site to attack other web sites.
  • They may also use your web site to insert adwares, banners and back-links to other websites. some of the back-links are not considered as virus or malware. they are just back-links to other sites, but some times, these back-links may have negative effect on your SEO ranking.

Most of the hosts does not install antivirus because they affect to the general performance of the server and this will impact your SEO efforts and also, they cannot identify new malwares immediately.

You are responsible against security and safety of your site and your clients. So, take immediate action. Tomorrow may be late.

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