Why Do You Need A website Security Service?

While surfing the internet, has it ever happened to you to face with message like this when you tried to open a web site or even your own web site? Definitely the owner of that site is not using any security service:

Sites that don't use security service get hacked

Simply this message means that the web site you wanted to surf has been detected as an attack site or it is spreading viruses and the browser has blocked access to it. It means hackers used this site to attack to your and other visitors’ computer in order to steal your information or distribute viruses. May be 10 minutes ago you didn’t see this while entering the site and now you see it, but this does not mean that this site was used as an attack site for just about 10 minutes. Sometimes it takes more than a week to detect a site as an attack site or as a site that is distributing viruses.


AZGAD protects your SEO investment by trying to minimize the threats on your web site and in case it was hacked or any malware script inserted to your scripts, remove them. Having a safe and malware free website helps you keep your ranking, save your SEO investment and your clients trust you.

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