Your computer can be used to hack your own website

Hackers may use your own computer to hack your own website and insert malware codes into it. It is your responsibility to be cautious and take any necessary security action. People do not trust unreliable and vulnerable web sites and you can easily lose your clients’ trust. Follow these steps to minimize threat of hackers to hack your website.

How to Minimize Threat?

1- The first thing you must do is to install an antivirus and a Firewall program to monitor any local and internet input/output activity. There are both free and paid versions of both, but Free ones have many restrictions. Also, you may need to configure the firewall. If there is only one computer or your computer is connected to a network and use file sharing or use a shared printer, you cannot set the firewall to the maximum-security otherwise, you may not access to your network resources or other users of your network cannot access to your shared data. If you do so, you cannot use file sharing or the shared printer.

2- Do not download files from torrents or unreliable websites. Most of these files contain viruses and malware.

3- Install WOT plugin on your browser. If you saw an alert, read other’s viewpoints and comments about that web site.

4- If you use freeware FTP applications, only download it from the trusted sites.

5- Keep your operating system and programs updated. Always install your operating system updates and use latest version of your favorite browser.

6- Make sure your Antivirus program is updated every day.

7- NEVER use simple passwords for any of your accounts, specially for the FTP, cPanel and admin area of your web site.

8- Before closing browser window or tab, logout from any logged in the web site and account.

9- Only log in to the admin area of your website through SSL connection.

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