Your web site is Your Online Identity

Your web site is your online identity. In today’s world, any business needs a web site. But most of the business owners, do not take it seriously. They want it as cheap as possible.

Let’s talk in another way. What do you do for your physical office? Buy good furniture, good computers, …. but why? Simply, because when a client comes to your office, take you as a serious businessman who knows the rules.

Actually, the same applies to the web and must know the online presence rules too, but with one major difference. Your physical office is seen by few visitors, however, your web site might be seen by thousands of people every month. This is the first point of contact. If the design is not attractive, the content does not fluently express the nature of your business, the load time of your web site is too long, the visitor will ignore you and go to another one which has a more attractive design, better content and loads faster.

That is why I say that Your web site is your online identity and you must take it seriously. If not, you will not get the response that you expect from your marketing efforts.

But Remember:

  1. Always provide correct information
  2. Do not keep critical information on your website
  3. Provide them ways to be in touch with you directly
  4. For your security, never provide/keep private business information on your website
  5. Always consider security rules for your website
  6. Don’t go for the cheapest developer. Ask a professional to make your website professionally at a reasonable cost.

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